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Anhui TCM Forklift Co., Ltd. (ATF)
A joint-venture company established by TCM and a Chinese national forklift company
Location:  Hefei Anhui, China 230022
Artistís conception of the new plant
The plant is located in the city of Hefei, Anhui Province, where ATF manufactures a variety of forklift trucks (annual production capacity up to 2,000 units). In view of the rapidly growing Chinese domestic market for forklift trucks as well as future potential export of Chinese-made forklifts for Asian countries, ATF is constructing a new plant in the industrial park on the outskirts of Hefei, to be completed in the fall of 2002. ATF products are distributed through their own designated dealers located throughout China as well as TCM distribution networks in Asian countries.
ATF Shanghai office is the main office to distribute products in Shanghai Area as well as to coordinate distribution of ATF products in the P.R.C. with ATF head office.


ATF Shanghai office:  Zhongshan Xihu, Shanghai 200099, China


Anhui Andong Foundry Co., Ltd. (AADF)
A joint-venture company similar to ATF
Location:  Hefei, Anhui, China 1230022
With a factory located close to ATF, the company is engaged in manufacturing foundry products, mainly counter-weights for forklift trucks. Foundry products are distributed not only for TCM forklift-manufacturing plants worldwide but also for other forklift manufacturers in the world.