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Globalization is one of the crucial factors to be a leading company engaged in manufacture as well as global distribution of the products. Thus, TCM has been energetically exerting its best efforts to enhance its overseas business strongholds worldwide, the gist of which, we introduce hereunder. As for more detailed information, particularly, as for available TCM products, manufactured there, and its product marketing systems, please contact your regional distributors, illustrated in the world distribution networks in this web-site, or directly contact TCM International Business Headquarters in Tokyo, Japan.
The United States, the largest marketplace for industrial vehicles in the world, and thus, TCM has been focusing on expanding its activities of manufacturing and marketing forklift trucks as one of its core objectives under TCM globalization program.
In 2005, TCM founded TCM USA Holding, Inc. (TUH) as a fully owned US subsidiary, incorporated in the state of Delaware, under which TCM Manufacturing USA Inc. (TMU) and the newly born TCM Distribution USA Inc.(TDU) are affiliated.
TCM Manufacturing, USA, Inc. (TMU)
The company was established in 1989 to manufacture and distribute its various models of forklift trucks for customers in the States, Canada and Mexico.
107 McQueen St. West Columbia SC 29172,
Annual production capacity: up to 5000 units of forklifts
Electric powered cushion tire forklifts 1.5 - 3 ton
I/C cushion tire forklifts 1.5 - 3.6 ton
I/C pneumatic tire forklifts 1.5 - 10 ton
The distribution of TMU products, its related parts as well as maintenance and after-sales services are conducted by TDU in the 26 states throughout the Northeast, Mid-West, and Mid-Atlantic regions, CIM Industrial Machinery Inc. in the remaining 22 states except Hawaii and Mexico, and Deval Inc. in Canada.
TCM Distribution USA, Inc. (TDU)
In 2005, TCM took over the whole forklift operations of Mitsui Machinery Distribution, Inc (MMD) and established a new product marketing company (TDU) to succeed and expand former MMD forklift businessdistribution of TMU products & imported TCM forklifts and its related services in the business territories, while MMD is engaged in distributing TCM full range of wheel loaders in the North American regions.
403 Heron Drive, Suite A, Swedesboro, NJ 08085
TCM Forklift Trucks (TFT)
7950 Blankenship Drive Houston, TX 77055-1006,